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Christmas Trees


Come and Pick Your Own!

Better still, tag one now and have it cut down when you are ready to collect nearer Christmas.

2016 tagging has begun!



We have been planting and growing hundreds of Christmas trees over the last ten years. There are two varieties to choose from;

Traditional and Nordman. The Nordman trees have a discrete blue tint to the needles, making them slightly different; they also

hold their needles well. We have trees of all shapes and sizes, subject to a minimum height of 5ft.

2016 Prices: Traditional £7 per foot      Nordman £8 per foot 


The Story of Your Hadsham Farm Christmas Tree

Every winter we buy hundreds of tiny Christmas trees and spend weeks carefully planting each one.

During the first two years growing on the farm, weeds are removed by hand from around each tree to prevent them from being smothered.

By year three, they are big enough to hold their own.

Each tree is hand pruned every year to achieve the perfect shape.

The trees take five to seven years to grow big enough for sale.

As you can see a great deal of care and attention to detail goes into each Hadsham Christmas Tree; we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.


Due to the number of people who like our fresh trees we will have just two weekends for collection:

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December
Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th December.
Please contact us if you need your tree outside these dates 01295 730745


Christmas Wreaths

This year we will also have Holly wreaths being made to order and ‘live’ on these two weekends.


Luxury mixed evergreen door wreath £30

8” Holly wreath with berries £7.50

10” Holly wreath with berries £8.50

Orders now being taken: 01295 730745