Hadsham Farm Horley, Oxfordshire

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Lambing at Hadsham


1st April – 23rd April 2017

Experience the magic of Lambing on your local farm!

Hadsham Farm Lambing

This year we are opening the farm gates to the public to allow them to see what happens during the lambing season -

from birth right through to the lambs’ first steps out on the fresh spring grass. In addition to the lambing, we will

have an area to ‘hold a chick’ to keep the children occupied and a tea/coffee/refreshments station for the adults.


Open everyday, including weekends and bank holidays 10am – 4pm


Tickets can be bought from the farm on the day:

All Tickets: £2.50

Unders 2′s: Free

Hadsham Farm Lambing

Frequently Asked Questions


Are you open everyday including weekends and Bank Holidays?

Yes, we are open every day from 10am – 4pm – we can’t wait to see you there!


What’s the best footwear?

Flip Flops are probably a no! We advise wellies or walking shoes as most of the farm is

concrete, but some of the fields may be wet.


Can we pay by card?

Sadly not, we can only take cash on the day.


Do I need to pre-book

Nope it’s just tickets on the gate, but how about finding us on Facebook and letting us know your coming?


Will the day be wheelchair/pram/pushchair friendly?

Mostly yes, there a few bumps here and there


Is the opening weather dependant?

Nope, come rain or shine we will be there


Can I bring my pets?

Unfortunately for many reasons non farm animals are not allowed


I’m pregnant, will I be able to see everything?

Organisms which cause abortion in sheep can cause miscarriage and illness in pregnant women. Transmission is thought to

be via direct contact with amniotic fluid (Only present at the birth while the lamb is still wet).

However we strongly advise that pregnant women do not touch the ewes or lambs at all.”

The risk is very low.

Below is a link to an article on the NHS website, which basically says: don’t actually deliver lambs, don’t milk ewes,

don’t touch wet lambs or aborted lambs, and be extra vigilant with hand washing and keeping clean -

NHS – Why should pregnant women avoid sheep during the lambing season?

Our advise is come along, but don’t touch the lambs or sheep, and make sure your family washes their hands before you

touch them. The only people at the Farm who come into contact with wet lambs and ewes is the staff anyway, but the

choice and risk is yours.


If you have any other questions please get in contact


We are looking forward to you joining us!




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    Services include Small bale hay and straw, Topping and grass care, Cultivations, Hedge Cutting and Fertilizer Spreading.

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    Perfect for business and personal use. We have good quality 8ft x 8ft x 20ft ex-shipping containers ideal for use as storage.