Tipi Wedding Venue

Hadsham Farm

We are a traditional family-run farm on the northern edge of the Cotswolds offering a beautiful Tipi Wedding Reception Venue and Secure Container Storage. We also open to the public for several events throughout the year- Spring for Lambing, October for Pumpkin Picking and in December for Pick-your-own Christmas Trees. We are based near Banbury, on the border of Oxfordshire / South Warwickshire / Northamptonshire. 

Please note, we open for pop-up events only and are not permanently open. 

Pick your own Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree for sale on the 4th/5th Dec and 11th/12th Dec 2021.


10am-4pm each day. 


Due to increased demand, we will be selling our own home-grown trees as well as some Warwickshire-grown trees which we have bought in.


Please note, this is a NOT a 'pop-up event', just us selling our trees. Hopefully we'll create a proper 'Christmas Event' in 2022 :-)