Pick and cut your own Christmas Tree

The story of our Christmas Trees..

We have been planting and growing hundreds of Christmas trees over the last ten years. There are two varieties to choose from;

Traditional and Nordman. The Nordman trees have a discrete blue tint to the needles, making them slightly different. Both varieties hold their needles well because they are freshly cut for you (provided they are watered!). We have trees of all shapes and sizes, subject to a minimum height of 5ft.

Every winter we buy hundreds of tiny Christmas tree saplings and spend weeks carefully planting each one. During the first two years growing on the farm, weeds are removed by hand from around each tree to prevent them from being smothered. By year three, they are big enough to hold their own.

Each tree is hand pruned every year to achieve the perfect shape - Wykeham is a perfectionist! The trees take five to seven years to grow big enough for sale.

As you can see a great deal of care and attention to detail goes into each Hadsham Christmas Tree - we hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Open weekends 2021 Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th December and Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th December 10 till 4 each day

Due to the increasing popularity of our Hadsham Christmas tree experience we will be short of trees this year.

We increased our planting from 500 per year to 1000 per year in 2020 but these will not be ready for sale for 5 years!

We have contacted a local Warwickshire grower who has agreed to supply some freshly cut Nordman trees to us this year for our open weekends.

These trees will be in addition to our usual home-grown trees and will be displayed upright and unwrapped throughout the exiting tree plantations in a natural setting.

This will give you more choice and allow you to find your perfect tree.

We look forward to welcoming you back to the farm


Bring your friends and family and take a festive walk through our two fields of Christmas trees, hopefully finding your perfect tree! It will then be freshly cut down by one of our team and wrapped (in netting) for you to take home. 

2021 Prices: Home grown Traditional tree £8 per foot. Nordman tree £9 per foot.

Warwickshire-grown Nordman tress - as priced, but typically £8 per foot.

Special offer for 2021 any tree over 10 foot £70.


Due to COVID restrictions there will be no Christmas Market this year.


Please note we do not cut down trees smaller than 5ft. We are not open to the public outside of the above times, however please contact us to arrange an appointment if you need your tree outside of these dates on 01295 730745.

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